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Ravensfest Awesome Fan Commitment!

Here is our Roost at the 2015 Council Convention in Ocean City, MD
More  pictures will be added shortly

Happy Thanksgiving

Next Meeting: Monday 25 January 2016 (7pm)

Board Meeting 1 hour before meeting

There will be a short meeting at the Christmas Party Dec 5

Put out by Steve LaPlanche

The contract with the Dunes has been terminated effective 21 Oct. Anyone who had planned on 

taking a room for the convention still can call the Dunes and get it on their own.

Thanks for letting me serve the Roost for 24 years as hotel chairman 

Calendar of upcoming events

5 December - RR18 Christmas Party

13 December - Ravens home game - Seahawks

20 December - Ravens home game - Chiefs

27 December - Ravens home game - Steelers

Visit our Events page for information on all our upcoming events!

Noteable Notes:

Please let Barbara Mueller know if you are going to the Christmas Party and what dish you are bringing.

Pictures from the Rams tailgate

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