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News Letter for May 23, 2016 Meeting

Guests:  Don Aker; Tom and Dave, owners and GM of Bill Bateman’s Bistro, Glen Burnie

Tom and Don were invited to attend the meeting so that they could discuss the changes to Bill Bateman’s Bistro, Glen Burnie.  Tom took over ownership in April.  With the assistance of the GM, Dave, they are actively making changes to the Bistro.  They are looking to partner with local clubs/organizations and to put together specials (food and drink) for those organizations, including RR18.  They want our patronage.  They are putting in a patio this summer that will allow for outdoor seating and TVs.  They want to be involved in the community; hold fundraisers, provide for private parties, etc.  Will be bringing back Purple Friday and putting in a project TV in the back area of the Bistro.  Also, will continue to open the bar early on Sunday’s for Ravens home games for the tailgate bus.



Lisa Brandenburg -- accepted

Recording Secretary:

Debbie Llewellyn - accepted

Bill Thompson - declined

Motion to close nominations.

Dennis Young - declined

Dennis Barnes - accepted

Corresponding Secretary:

Barbara Mueller - accepted

Motion to close nominations.

Motion to close nominations.

Vice President:

Dennis Young - accepted

Sgt. of Arms

Chuck Mattis - accepted

Glenn Taylor - declined

Motion to close nominations.

Keith Johnson - declined

Lisa Brandenburg - accepted


Sally Lung - accepted

Dennis Barnes - accepted

Motion to close nominations.

Earl Barnes - declined

Motion to close nominations.

Asst. Treasurer:

Loretta White - accepted

Motion to close nominations.

Board of Directors:

Brenda White - accepted

Dean Cendroski - declined

Butch Haynie - accepted

Denise Taylor - declined

Chuck Severe - accepted

Dennis Metzler - declined

Delbert Lato - accepted

Glenn Taylor - declined

Dennis Young - accepted

Lisa Leppado - declined

Diane Garrison - accepted

Marta McCusker - declined

Earl Barnes - accepted

Robin Granofsky - declined

Garry Mueller - accepted

Sandy Metzler - declined

Ray Lewis - accepted

Tim Llewellyn - declined

Sharon Richardson - accepted

Motion to close nominations.

Charity (Tim Llewellyn)  Golf tournament was held today.  Great time had by all.  Total of 89 golfers, which was approximately 25 more than last year, as well as new and prior event sponsors. Financials will be available next month.  Next year is scheduled for May 22, 2017.  Ravens Roost #4, who participated with a team in our tournament is sponsoring their own golf tournament on Friday, June 24.  Cost is $100 per person, Tee sign $50 or 2 tees for $75.00.  Would like to see a few members participate in their tournament.  Earl Barnes, with a second from Keith Johnson, has made a motion to donate 2 tee signs for RR#4 golf tournament.  Tim approved the funds to come from the charity committee.  Motion was passed.

Lisa Leppaddo reported that the residents of Heartlands Assisted Living at Severna Parked enjoyed the visit from the members and the presentation of the plaque and flag.

Softball (Lisa Brandenburg)  Great time had by all.  Got 3 days of softball completed in 2 days due to the rainy weather.  Played a total of 25 games in 2 days.  Tournament ended on Saturday night/Sunday morning at 1:00 a.m. with a tie of the remaining 2 teams.    Have a few T-shirts left for sale.  $15 each.  One sweatshirt, size large available $30.  Will order sweatshirts for anyone interested, however, money will be due up front.

Convention (Don Lange)  Club will hold a “happy hour” on Friday, June 3 from 6:30-8:30 at Pit-N-Pub.  Wristbands are being handed out.  This event is SOLD OUT.   Do not forget your wristband as there are no replacements.  No wristbands will be sold at the door.  Children are permitted, however, must vacate by 8:30.  Food only will be provided.  CASH BAR.

Only 16 members registered for the convention this year.  Glenn and Denise will pick up the registration bags on Thursday.  Will designate a pickup time at the Flagship Hotel which is on 26th Street.  Otherwise, will take the bags to the Happy Hour at Pit-n-Pub for pickup.

Barb Mueller inquired whether anyone would be interested in a “pot luck” at their hotel, The Flagship on Saturday evening.  The facility has ample space as well as “yard space” with grills for cooking.  Given that everyone is spread out in several hotels, it was suggested that members email Barbara their hotel location and cell phone numbers and a list will be published prior to departure for the convention weekend.

Will be selling bands for an all you can eat for the NASCAR race, Sunday, June 5 at Pit-N-Pub.  $15 per person.

Entertainment (Glenn Taylor)  Need volunteer to take over for next year!

Game Day Bus (Sharon Richardson)  Contract has been signed.  Cost remains $18 per person.

Internet (Dean Cendroski)  Please continue to send in pictures of Roost events.  Would like to keep the website as up to date as possible.  Golf committee will be providing pictures in the coming days of today’s event.

Membership (Tina Benson)  Giving up the committee after the current dues deadline.  Will also be leaving the club at the end of the current membership period due to work commitments.  Will stay on to transition to the new committee chair.  Will start accepting dues payments at the June meeting.  Membership dues are due by end of July.  If dues are not received by September, you are no longer in good standing and no longer considered a member of RR18.

NASCAR (Don Lange) October 2.  Collecting money for seats on the bus.  Cost is $20 per person.

Orioles (Denise Taylor)  Tickets for the 6/17 all you can eat game have been handed out.  Next fundraiser game is 7/22, a Friday night, floppy hat/fireworks night.  Cost is $24 per person.  Tickets for the 4/9 game which was postponed due to weather may be exchanged up until 6/24.

Parade (Bill Thompson)  Club will be walking in the parade carrying the Roost banner, softball banner.  We need volunteers to walk.  Line up is at 8am.  Please contact Bill if you will be participating. 

Points (Diane Garrison)  Copy of points available for review.  Many committees turned in points tonight.  Final deadline to turn in all points is June 30, 2016.  No exceptions.

Publicity (Elaine Happel)  Golf tournament was advertised in the Maryland Gazette and Pasadena Voice.  This year, for the annual group convention photo, we will meet after the parade on Saturday at 12:30 in the sale spot as in the past (Boardwalk at Dunes Motel/Dunes Suites).

Raffle (Elaine Floyd):  April raffle brought in $1,960 with payouts of $700.  Profit $1,260.  Decision on game day raffle will be available next month.

Shrimp Feast (Dennis Young)  Friday, July 29.  Cost is $45 per person.  Currently there are less than 250 tickets out.  Elaine will have this event advertised in the Gazette.

Sick (Brenda White)   Fruit/flowers sent to Gayeann Day and Sharon Lato on their recent hospitalizations.

Away Trip (Brenda White)  Only interest, other than the Council NY Jets game, is going to Dallas.  Will need firm commitments next month.  Will put together packages and present information at the June meeting.

Council (Bill Thompson)  Information on the NY Jets game bus trip will be forthcoming.  It was announced at the last Council meeting that RR#99 (near PA line) is disbanding due to lack of participation.  Paperwork was submitted on 5/20.  Council is also looking for a new chair for their annual bull roast, as well as a new date and location.  M&T Bank Stadium is hosting a Minions movie night on the filed on Father’s Day. 

Board (Earl Barnes)  Only discussion was the 2016-2017 budget.  Discussions will continue at another meeting, date to be determined.  Will bring budget to General Membership at the next meeting on June 27.  

The next Board meeting is before the general meeting on Monday, June 27, 2016 at 6pm

The next General Meeting is on Monday, June 27, 2016 at 7pm


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Questions, Comments, Concerns? Send an email to ravensroost18@yahoo.com or the Internet Chairman, Dean Cendroski